Technical Staff

Fifteen (15) professionals are dedicated to new product development at HDL. This group is fully capable of executing a design from concept to deliverable hardware and includes solid design expertise in the electrical, mechanical, software, reliability, component, and thermal engineering areas.

Support for this staff is provided by others with various skill sets. This organization allows an engineer to get a part from stock in minutes, have a prototype transformer wound from informal design notes within an hour, and have skilled operators available for product support immediately.

Engineering is not wanting for lack of design tools or test equipment. HDL is committed to workplace excellence and is focused on maintaining a diverse workforce. The compensation package encourages professional growth and teamwork. Bonuses recognize individual achievement. Significant mentoring is provided to enhance the associates' technical skills and promote career growth. Staff turnover is minimal and primarily due to retirements. Administrative burdens on engineering personnel are minimized. Professionals are encouraged to make intelligent risk trade-off decisions putting the soldier first without unnecessarilyf being second-guessed. All of this contributes to a highly motivated and productive engineering staff and a good place to work.

The HDL engineering capability is quite strong and rivals that of much larger competitors. HDL has proven their ability to be responsive, value-focused, and competent through the design, development and integration process. Supporting the IPD (integrated product development) environment to permit the timely development of power supplies is a core competence of the HDL technical staff. The firm continuously receives positive customer feedback on the efforts invested throughout our design process.

HDL funds specific internal R&D efforts to develop leading-edge circuit designs aimed at emerging needs and new opportunities. The work involves clean sheet undertakings and evolving previous experiences to assure the best blend of value, reliability and risk. For example, to address the 3% input current distortion requirement of MIL-STD-704 for shipboard platforms, HDL developed a proprietary three phase PFC front end, which meets these requirements. This technology is now being applied to address real design requirements.

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