HDL's Capabilities
Include the Following:

Rapid Response.
Just-In-Time Scheduling.
Multi-Year Planning.
Resource Leveling.

Each cellular cross-functional production team
manages its own programs, from start to finish.

Be Responsible!

  Through Hole PWA assembly capabilities.
  Mixed technology PWA assembly capabilities.
  Full SMT PWA assembly capabilities.
  In-house transformer and inductor
   fabrication capabilities.

The cellular design promotes the fusion of manufacturing and quality principles and processes through a circular flow.

One Vision!  One Result!

Soldering Techniques
Hand     Displacement       Wave      Cyclonic IR Reflow

The HDL Soldering Program provides for all personnel to be
thoroughly trained and educated in proper quality electronics
technology production practices per MIL-S-45743, WS-6536,
MIL-STD-2000/2000A, and ANSI/J-STD-001 Class 3 and Space

                 AS9100 & ISO 9000


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