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HDL Research Lab, Inc. designs and manufactures highly
reliable and highly durable AC-DC and DC-DC power converters
primarily for military and aerospace applications.

Capabilities range from 1 Vdc to 25,000 Vdc and
100 uW to 25 KW  at  -55 degrees C. to +100 degrees C.

While the typical application involves simply the organization
of proven circuitry into a specific configuration, the custom option
affords system designers the freedom to forge the future out
and beyond conventional limits.

Whether for R&D, competitive second sourcing, or source
replacement, HDLs flexibility, innovation and competence
have received recognition throughout the industry.

           AS9100 CERTIFIED  &
             ISO 9001 CERTIFIED

Mission Statement
Our mission is to supply the highest quality custom products and
to compel excellence and innovation in all aspects of our business.

Physical Address:
406 W  Blue Bell Rd
Brenham Texas 77833-2348


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